Display Contrast [SOLVED]

My display contrast is extremely dark. Even after setting the contrast to 30, I am seeing something like this: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/MAKERbuino/slate/master/images/74.jpg.

I also realize that the lowest contrast will go is 30. After that it goes back to 70 if I scroll it to go lower.

Everything else, including sound works.

Does anyone know why?

I noticed that the contrast is erratic. Whenever many things are happening on the screen, say, when I am playing a game, the contrast is ok. But once nothing much is happening, e.g. when I am on a menu, there seems to be a big patch of black on the screen again.

Same here. I’ve got 2 displays (one from a perfectly working Raspberry Pi project) and both displays on the Makerbuino suffer the same flickering contrast problem.

I figures that it helps momentarily if you press quite hard on the top left and right of the LCD display. But I don’t think that’s a solution.

@JacksonNg, sorry for my late reply.
That is usually a result of a bad connection between the Nokia screen and the screen’s board. Sometimes removing the screen from the device and removing it from the screen board and cleaning the rubber contacts help.
But when this happens, I usually send a replacement Nokia screen to the users.
Please PM me your Kickstarter username and I will send you a replacement screen.

Please note that I personally test every Nokia screen on an actual device before sending them to the customers and despite that, the screens sometimes tend to die out of nothing or because of moisture/transport/soldering mistakes.

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