Dusty - total failure


yesterday we built Dusty – and it shows no signs of life at all: no LED comes on, neither of the motors react to light. Adjusting the variable resistors has no effect.
Suspecting a common root cause blocking both sides, I took out a multi-meter and measured ~4.8 V at the connector and at the switch, so it’s not that the board is not getting any power.

Any ideas how to proceed? I’d like to guide my son through this, to teach him that a failure is not a reason to give up, but rather something one can look at as a puzzle and learn from it.

Kofa / István

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Hey @kofa,

sorry to hear your Dusty isn’t working.

Please send us a few photos of all the soldering joints to contact@circuitmess.com and we’ll assist you.



On all previous builds, we went over the joints with a +10D magnifying glass, but didn’t do it this time. As I photographed the joints and my son did the inspection with the magnifier, we spotted a few that don’t look good, including a potential short-circuit at the switch, which would explain everything.

We’ll check it over the weekend and I’ll let you know how it goes.


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Okay, please feel free to contact me if you need any help.