Easy way for flashing atmega328


I have 2xATMEGA328 that make a blank screen after several day of playing on same makerbuino. I have swap this 2 atmega with my 2 makerbuino.
I think I have a solder joint problem, on one makerbuino PCB.
control C trick not working: only blank screen for while.
I am looking for a easy way to flash the ATMEGA with a arduino UNO, but tutorials is too hard and too file changing. I try to use optiboot, but the ATMEGA328 isn’t listed.


thank you for supporting MAKERbuino and welcome to the forum.
I am sorry for the problems that you’re experiencing.

  1. This is most strange and sounds like a problem that occurs when you turn off your MAKERbuino whilst something is loading. This needs to be fixed by making a C-button hard reset (please note that you need to have the SD card inserted in the console):

  2. If this indeed cannot be fixed by a hard reset, then there is a problem with your soldering joints and not with the microcontrollers. Thus, there is no need for reflashing your microcontroller as it’s not necessary and won’t fix anything.

Please, try the C-button reset trick once again and give us some photos of your device’s front and back side so that we can examine your soldering work.


thank you for all info.
I examinate the makerbuino “broken”.
Finaly I think it’s not a solder join problem, but a sdcard adapter µSD to SD contact problem.
F2 contact inside the adapter and I press the SDcard holder, to make mecanical constraint, and now I think it’s OK.

But I swap the ATMEGA328 from “broken” makerbuino to a “new and good condition” makerbuino.
On the “new and good makerbuino” ON+C trick not working -> After several minutes the screen still blank screen. :frowning:
And the ATMEGA from “good” to “broken”, no problem I can play with “broken makerbuino” ! :slight_smile :slight_smile:

Conclusion, I have a ATMEGA broken (or lost bootloader?).
It’s easy to reprogramm or clone ATMEGA with arduino (or other easy and cheap way)? I’m on linux.

ATmegas are pretty sturdy and I don’t think that you’re having a bootloader issue.

Did you have the SD card inserted in your MAKERbuino while you were doing the C-button reset?

Also, as I said in my last message, it would be really helpful if we could see your device and examine your soldering joints.


hello @albertgajsak

Yes, SDcard is inserted while I make the C-boutton.
But my daughter say, she playing a game and the blankscreen coming. for info, there no sound. It’s like a remove the ATMEGA on makerbuino.

As request, my makerbuino with the broken ATMEGA

The “broken” markerbuino with the good ATMEGA isn’t here, because my daughter playing with it, in his grandparents’ house. I can’t take picture now.


Thank you for the photos, your soldering joints look OK and I see no problems there. Well done! :slight_smile:

Please, try swapping the broken ATmega with a good ATmega when you get it and report back.

I’m out of ideas… in the worst case scenario, we’ll just send you a few new microcontrollers.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Have a great weekend.

@f4egx what part is hard with using an arduino as a flashing device? I used an USBasp programmer with AVRDUDESS or eXtreme Burner - AVR. Not sure if there is linux programs. But also tried with arduino. Not that hard. You just need to download any “new” board, so you could switch with Makerbuino files.

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Thank @albertgajsak, I waiting the chip! :slight_smile:

Many parts is hard to flashing the ATMEGA:

  1. where to find the good MAKERBUINO ATMEGA bin or the arduino code to program the ATMEGA? I’m lost, I clic, and clic for many link and I’m not sure if a download the good file on github.
  2. I see a tutorial that add lines on arduino IDE to accept to add a gamebuino board support. I not like this: I the same think to tinker for Atiny85V to modify default Arduino IDE configuration at many year ago, and make problem and warning message in Arduino IDE.
  3. I no see a tutorial to use avrdude, like in Adafruit Spirit: step by step progress.

It’s possible to clone this good ATMEGA to a new ATMEGA, or use a bin file with avrdude, with arduino Uno board? (and good command line tutorial). :slight_smile:

all the best

here you can find the neccesary files.
if you download additional boards and switch with the files provided in the zip above, then you are not changin arduino ide only that new downloaded board parameters.
And with avrdude if you are going to use comand line, then it is a little bit harder than to use program like AVRDUDESS or eXtreme Burner - AVR. https://community.circuitmess.com/uploads/default/original/2X/8/8281a36adf66aa989f81855f3087249615da4724.JPG heres my loading through avrdudess

After buy a ATmega with Makerbuino firmware, all is OK and working. thank @albertgajsak :slight_smile:

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I’m really glad to hear that!

Congratulations on finishing your build :slight_smile: