First hour, and two questions [SOLVED]

Good morning,

After being playing for a while of the MAKERbuino and reading the documentation that is in the wiki I get a couple of doubts, and since I do not know what category should go I put it here.

I hope someone can help me.

The first question is related to sound.

The truth is that the sound is rather defective, as a mixture between distortion and shrill little defined. I do not know if that is exactly the way it is, that is, it is normal, or because of the small speaker and the sound improves if I plug in some headphones (which I have not tried yet), or it is a defect of the console assembly.

The second point is referring to the light controller of the leds of the screen. The LEDs do not start to illuminate until the wheel has turned quite a bit. Not serious, but there is a large part of the initial route that always keep the LEDs off.

Nothing more. Keep in touch. :wink:

Without a sound file or a video showing you’re sound it is going to be a little difficult to advise you whether you have a sound issue or not? I would say though that yes the sound isn’t meant to be amazing, after all the makerbuino uses a cheap speaker and the microcontroller uses very basic interrupts to produce the wave forms.

Yes this sounds correct, the potentiometer turns 180’ before the screen leds come on, and then only uses about 90’ to turn the leds from dim to full brightness.

Thank you @bitfogav,

I’m more relaxed with the LED light. With the sound I will do more tests.

@bitfogav, thank you for helping @gabimarti out.

@gabimarti, did you solve anything in regards to your MAKERbuino’s sound output?
Distorted sound is usually a result of mechanical damage to your speaker (i.e. something piercing the speaker’s membrane and/or the membrane being glued to the plastic plate) or due to some metallic particles being stuck to your speaker due to its magneticity (i.e. excess leads from the resistors).

In case your speaker is broken, we can send you a new one if you send me a PM with your Kickstarter username and/or address.

@albertgajsak I think the issue that @gabimarti has with the sound is the fact that the charging board/ battery as a fault, you can clearly see the charging board lights flickering to indicate no battery connected and hence why the sound is poor due to a power surge.

You will find that here:

Poor sound

@bitfogav, thanks for pointing that out.
Ok, I’ll move to the topic you’ve linked and solve @gabimarti’s problem.
Yes, I agree that this looks like a problem with the charging board.

Thank you all !!!