Flickering and Pixelatated Screen

Hi Everyone,

Finished fixed my Makerbuino and while testing, noticed the screen is flickering and there is a weird pixels over it. I think I broke a pin on the ATMega could this be the issue?

Also my left button is not working as well. The soldering looks fine though.

Flickering may be due to bad software contrast adjustment. Try to set it up correctly in the settings.

About the broken pin: it depends on which pin it is Some of them ware only used for extensions, etc. But I advise you to have all of them in good shape. The MCU is the most critical part of the device.

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@adiboo, I agree with @Tom here; try adjusting your contrast setting through the “SETTINGS” program (a wrench icon).

If the pin on ATmega dedicated to communication with the screen was completely broken, the screen would be completely blank :slight_smile:
You can take a look at MAKERbuino’s schematic here: http://makerbuino.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/MAKERbuino-schematic.png and see whether the pin you broke is important or not.
If you’re having problems with reading the schematic, tell us the pin number you’ve broken and we’ll help you.

Did you manage to fix the screen contrast? Can we mark this topic as [SOLVED]?

@Tom @albertgajsak thanks for the reply! Will try it over the weekend. Btw any idea regarding the left button? It doesn’t respond during the testing.

Do you have a mutlimeter? You could check the switch by measuring the resistance between pin 14 of the ATmega and GND. If it’s not pressed there should be a huge resistance and if you press the button there should be almost no resistance.

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@adiboo, I’ll agree with @Bl4ckM4ch1n3 here - if you’ve got a multimeter, you can check whether your pushbutton even has a connection with the microcontroller.

Did you manage to make some progress on your contrast problem?

Hi @albertgajsak and @Bl4ckM4ch1n3,

Very sorry for the late reply. I was out of town and I accidentally kept my Buino box in storage. Thought I accidentally threw it away. Here is the oicture of the broken pin.

As for the flickering issue, i will try to get a multimeter to check. Let me know if I need to get a new pin. Thnk you so much!