FYI - Ting is moving to Verizon in March of next year

I talked to Ting yesterday, and was informed that they will be partnering with Verizon in March of 2020. Since Verizon is CDMA it won’t work with our phones. At least in the US.

Yes, unfortunately that is true.

This is only regarded to the 2G version of the phone, so everyone with 4G should not worry. :smile:

So the 4G chip works with CDMA, or is Verizon going to support GSM?

The 4G chip would not work with CDMA, but assuming it supports VoLTE (so we’ve been told), should work equally well on T-Mobile and Verizon LTE.

I do have one question however: does using VoLTE require a data plan, or is that data considered part of the voice plan?

The phone supports VoLTE as well UMTS (3G) voice calls and has circuit-switched fallback. It works on Verizon, we’ve tested it in the US.

Since you’re really interested, you can find more info on the used network module here:

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voLTE usually does not require a data plan to use, but you should check that with your carrier

Thanks everyone for the info.

That’s odd, since the SIM from my 4G Verizon phone isn’t working in my Ringo, but the Ting chip works perfectly.

When I get my replacement 4G module back (which won’t be for at least a week or two), I’ll make sure it works with Ting, then try a Verizon SIM card with it; the SIM card isn’t activated, but at least it should try to connect me to Verizon to activate if VoLTE works. If VoLTE doesn’t work, then it will drop back to GSM, and since verizon doesn’t do GSM, it won’t work. I’m hoping it works which would prove that the SIM7600A can do VoLTE (its spec sheet says it can). Your symptom, unfortunately, seems to imply it can’t.

Unfortunately, my verdict is more than a week away as the USPS is being very slow getting my pkg back to Croatia.

@harlander, can you please tell us more about the Verizon problems that you were having?

Did you have problems activating the SIM card?

Albert, my Ting SIM card is activated, no problem.

I just happen to have a couple of Verizon SIM cards that are not activated and that I don’t have any reason to activate (I need another plan like I need another hole in my head :slightly_smiling_face:). But when I have a working 4G phone, I want to put one of these Verizon SIM cards in the phone to see if it will at least connect me to a Verizon recording or representative over 4G VoLTE. Just sort of trying to prove to myself that the 4G would work with Verizon if I wanted it to.

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I’ve already had a friend try out the phone on a Verizon network and it worked, but I’d love to see your results too. When you activate the Verizon card and test it out, let me know if it works

Is there some way to obtain one of these network boards (I don’t see a way to purchase from that page)? And what else would I need if I wanted to upgrade to 4G? (I have not soldered anything yet, so I don’t have to disassemble the phone),

Found it !..will this work?

@mirv, we can sell you the American version of the module.
@robertCM, please help @mirv out

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I tried an already activated Verizon SIM from my Pixel 2 XL phone in my MAKERphone but didn’t have any luck making a call.

I was able to query the SIM for network operators and it took forever, but also showed almost every carrier in the area (must’ve been a shared tower nearby). I even tried a couple of the test numbers specific to Verizon for activation/testing and they didn’t work either.


Do you have a 2G or 4G version of the phone?


Hi Robert, I have the 4G/LTE version of the phone.


Sorry for the late reply,

This would indicate that everything should work!

Please, if you can, try with some other SIM card, that is not Verizon.
If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to send the phone back to us so we can fix it and return it to you (free of charge of course).