Gamebuino - Power on passcode? [SOLVED]

Hi, i just build the makerbuino, and i want to set a passcode(or pincode) to be entered when i power it up. Can i do that? and if so how? i’ve already printed my name and phone number on the back, because i always forget my stuff everywhere. i do usually get my phone back when i forget it, -since it has a (removable if factory reset) passcode, but i’m afraid that’s not the case with this since it has no secure unlock. Please respond, thank you.

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Hi @NETIO_SYS, thank you for supporting MAKERbuino!

Putting a passcode on your MAKERbuino is indeed possible, but you’d have to implement a piece of code in every program on the SD card (you can use the predefined keyboard command from the Gamebuino library:

The more complex (but smarter) way of doing it is to modify the bootloader that is written in ATmega’s memory.

Although, I really do not see the point of putting a passcode-protected login on your MAKERbuino as it can’t give someone access to your sensitive personal data

thank you for replying so quickly.

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i think its to protect from the children who have poblem to not be able to not play with the makerbuino. I have one like that. He will use any screen he can use before doing that he have to do… A passcode could block him and help his trouble even i’m sure he will then find another not locked screen…