Getting a black screen on step 12, first boot [SOLVED]


hope anyone can help… When I turn on my Makerbuino for the first time ar step 12, all I get is a black screen on my LCD. There is no text on the screen. I have check all the steps.

Please help


Hi @tomaz77,

Until you solder some more components and the buttons, you wont have control to the contrast settings, so the screen may be too dark to see anything. Mine was a very dark gray. Maybe that’s just it? Maybe when you finish the build, you could just keep pressing left to lower the contrast and make it visible.

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thank you for the reply. can the contrast setting be realy so powerfull? so that screen has only one big black or dark greyish square?

Yes, it can.

How have you gotten on, have you made any progress?

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No. I have had bad luck and broke the last pin on the microcomputer. :frowning: I have send already an email to makerbuino if I could get another one, but have not yet received any reply from them.

Will let you know of further updates.


Yes, it was the contrast issue. Thank you guys and Albert for all your help. I am very happy to have it working now!

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Great to hear! I’ve marked the thread as solved.

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@tomaz77, congrats on making your buino work :slight_smile:
Pics or it didn’t happen! Show us your creation here:

@ladbsoft @Dalemaunder, kudos on handling this, you guys are awesome :smile: