GPIO expander was missing in my received inventor's kit [SOLVED]

Hi, this message is more for Albert. I had wrote it when i received my inventor’s kit but GPIO expander was missing when i have received my hardware. I write it again as i would test the new section of the eductional part of the site ‘LEARN’: A guide for more advanced users teaching you how to use the GPIO expander included in MAKERbuino inventor’s kit.
The tutorial seems easy but as i have not the main part: the expander, it’s can’t works…

Please Albert say me if you need something to send me the missing parts.

I am sorry for the missing GPIO expander. If something is missing from your pledge, you need to contact us directly because, unfortunately, the community can’t help you there.

I will need you to send me your address and I will arrange the shipment of the missing component.

Albert, i have posted my adress some days ago. Can you just confirm me that you have well received the mail please ?

Albert could you please say if you have well received my email with asked informations. I have had no answer, so i don’t know if my mail have been managed, if all is good or if there is a problem.

@Jean-Charles_Lebeau, we did not receive your email and we check MAKERbuino’s inbox daily.

Please resend your details to or just send me a private message via the community forum.

Thank you!