Greetings from Berlin

I’ve just got my Inventor’s kit today and am looking forward to an interesting MAKER/soldering session tomorrow.

I was the first customer of my favourite microelectronics supplier here in Berlin for their newly arrived MAKERbuino kits.

As an arduino fan I am looking forward to seeing what new directions MAKERbuino can lead me to.

Best wishes for the project

Francis Sim

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Hi @scotus, thank you for supporting MAKERbuino and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Make sure to share some photos of your progress with us!

Also, would you mind telling us what store you’ve bought it from?

Hi @albertgajsak

I finished constructing my MAKERbuino yesterday. I followed your instructions and everything just worked. I made some photos as I was soldering, and I’ll see if I can post some in the next few days.

I started my computing in the days when 8K was a LOT of memory, so I am enjoying being somehow back in that time with the MAKERbuino. I will code it using my Raspberry Pi 3b+, which I use for all my Arduino projects.

I find the concept of MAKERbuino intriguing - a self-contained Arduino, with battery, display, sound, input buttons, data storage and ample connectivity. It provides an interesting platform for creative ideas.

To your question - I bought my Inventor’s Kit from Sertronics GmbH here in Berlin, an official Raspberry Pi supplier, and they always friendly and helpful.

Thanks for creating such an amazing project!


Awesome, please share the photos with us :slight_smile:

Oh, Sertronics… nice, we’ve started working with them recently. I’m really glad that they’ve made the inventor’s kit available in their shop already