Hello everyone from Italy!

Hi everyone! I’m Tina from Genova,Italy. I backed the makerbuino kickstarter project ,plus the tools pack, and I’m very excited to receive it and start making it. As it will be the very first time for me to solder I really hope I won’t make any big mistake and that I can assemble it properly XD As a preparation I’m watching all the tutorials suggested on the makerbuino building guide! Any suggestion from the expert users will be very much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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Welcome Tina.
Oh first time with a solder iron. Exiting. I hope you do well.
It is a good idea to see the tutorials, as well as familiarize yourself with soldering before you start assembling your MAKERbuino.

I suggest that you take your time, and try to solder stuff to stuff before starting on the MAKERbuino.
Remember… Slow and steady wins the race.

Any idea on how/with what I should practice before starting with the makerbuino? I was also thinking it’s a good idea if I could practice with something ,once I get my makerbuino with tools. I really really want to make makerbuino to work properly!

This is more @albertgajsak’s field of expertise… Any ideas Albert.

@Tina_Gamer, thanks for backing us on Kickstarter and I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here at the MAKERbuino community forum.

Well your MAKERbuino should arrive at your place in about 15 days and I suppose you can’t practice soldering without a soldering iron.
The things you can do to prepare for soldering your device is buying a soldering iron an easy-to-solder kit in a near electronics shop (something like a simple LED blinky light).
If you think you’ll be able to wait for your MAKERbuino, you can just take a look at our old build guide: http://gamebuino.com/wiki/index.php?title=MAKERbuino:_build_guide (new is being made atm) and watch a couple of fun how-to-solder videos.
My recommendations:

Here are a couple of pages about basics of electronics to get you started:

@AllGray, did you give @Tina_Gamer a Kickstarter badge?

I sure did… I have given out a bunch already