Hello form Saudi Arabia

American living in KSA… looking forward to receiving my kit. Will be making it with my son.


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Glad to have you @anon4937418
Good luck with the assembly. Is this your first project of this kind?

Nah, we make stuff all the time, should be fun

@anon4937418, thanks for backing our campaign and for joining the forum.
I hope you’ll have a great time assembling your MAKERbuino with your son!

I think @AllGray gave you a Kickstarter badge, you can use that as your title to show off at the forum, you know!

Btw, your username is very very interesting :joy:

Thank you. I haven’t seen the badge. As for the username, I’ve been an expat living around the world (the gypsy part) I like and build robots, and my name is Steve :wink:

Then it all makes sense. I hope you enjoy building the MAKERbuino.
Any ideas yet?

Nothing yet. Still waiting for it to arrive, hopefully soon I leave for holiday next week. Then I’ll be back in a month. We can always build it then.

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