Hello from Austria

Hi, I’m Bernhard from Vienna. I finished assembling my early bird MAKERbuino today and surprisingly it worked right away (apart from some minor misunderstanding regarding the sound). If you haven’t assembled yours yet be advised not to use super glue to fixate the speaker as it makes ugly stains on the transparent casing.

I also already set up the Arduino IDE. I had to reupload the loader program as the Squawk game from the SD card doesn’t work properly on my device. It only plays music but doesn’t display anything or let me return to the menu. Anyone else experiencing problems with this game? (When reuploading the loader l am warned about low memory that may cause stability problems - might that be the reason for the malfunctioning of the Squawk game?)

Anyway, I’m looking forward to playing and experimenting with my MAKERbuino and seeing all the cool stuff you guys will be making with your MAKERbuino! :slight_smile:

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@reuploading the loader: I just found out that you can also achieve this without a computer.

hold “C” down, turn the Gamebuino ON, release “C”, and wait 30 seconds
for LOADER.HEX to be loaded from the SD card. You can also use this if
you are stuck in a game which doesn’t allow you to get back to the

Pics or it did not happen :wink:
We demand Pictures.

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OP delivers…
It’s a beautiful day for the entire internet.


@escamillo, hi and thanks for joining the forum.

Yeah, I remember you from Vienna, it was a shame we didn’t have enough time to talk a bit more. I am looking forward MF Vienna 2018 and we’ll definately go for a beer (and an organic smoothie, cuz that’s what people drink in Vienna)

Your MAKERbuino looks splendind, congrats on the successful build.

It’s great that you’ve managed to fix that problem, our tutorials still lack that info and we’re working hard on changing that ASAP.
The Squawk program was an old music demo just playing music in the background, I thought I’ve removed it from the new software library but it seems that I’ve accidentally given you a card where that program was still present.

I sure hope that this kit sparked your interest in electronics and innovation and that you’ll make many more projects with and without a MAKERbuino.
I’d really like to hear your feedback about the console and the guide, tell us how you liked the build process and help us maker MAKERbuino even better!

Hi, Greeting from Linz :slight_smile:
I am absolutely in love with the console. I received it today and already assembled it and it worked right from the beginning.
As someone who never soldered before, it was such a good experience and i could not put it away until it was finished.
The next days i will start coding :slight_smile:

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