Hello from Banja Luka! (BiH)

Hey! Michael here.
I don’t own a MAKERbuino, yet, but I had a nice time playing with one at “Evropska Noć Istraživaća”, aka European Researcher’s Night in Banja Luka. Met Albert there, nice guy btw. Had a bit of fun trying to make the little led badge. Thanks for the badge by the way. If you by any chance remember me from however many people that were there, I’m the guy in the orange sweater and with glasses. And I’m regretting a bit for not asking for a selfie but too late for that now.
I’m a software engineering student here at Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Banja Luka,and I hope we’ll have some fun here.
Anyway, this thing looks super fun, and I hope I find time and motivation to make a game for it, or port one of the old games. Wonder if a cut down version of Wolfenstein 3D would fit. Anyone tried that one yet?

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