Hello from Catalonia


I’m Gabriel, from Catalonia, Spain.

I have been one of the first Kickstarter Backers of this project, and the wait has been long, but I have it here. :slight_smile:

I’ve been a programmer for some dozen years. I intend to teach my son to program some things. As this platform offers great possibilities. :grinning:

Hi @gabimarti, I’m from Spain too, but from far to the south, Málaga :beach_umbrella:

Hope you and your kid enjoy programming on this console! I would have loved to have parents like that :slight_smile:

Hi @luke27, not so far :wink:

I think so, we’re going to enjoy it a lot. But I still have to teach my son many basic programming concepts, and before I have to understand how I put programs to this console, because for many years of experience that I have programming, there are always new things to learn.