Hello from Denmark

I am just another kickstarter person joining the forum :slight_smile:

I got my packet a few days ago and I have assembled most of it this evening. It is a fun project.

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Wohoo. Another person from Denmark.
Velkommen (Welcome)

Let me give you the kickstarter badge.
Edit: Look at you with your kickstarter badge and all.

Thank you for backing us on Kickstarter

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    I’m really glad that you’ve already started assembling the thing.
    Is it working already? Give us some pictures please and please share them on social media and tag us with @makerbuino.
    I’d really like to hear what you think about the device. Please give us some feedback about the device here or via contact@makerbuino.com
    Tell us everything, especially the bad things so that we can make MAKERbuino even better in the future.

Well it worked really well and what alot faster to build than expected. Then after having played the first few games I showed it to my wife and she turned it off while it said “Don’t turn off”. So I guess that now I am waiting for you to put up a guide on how to reflash the chips :expressionless:

Not that there is any hurry, because I am a teacher and it is the examination periode in Denmark, so I wont have time to work on it again for a few weeks.

Sorry for not putting this info online:
You don’t hsve to reflash it, it’s not that fragile.
You just have to enter the SD card this way:
Turn the device off.
Hold the C button.
Turn the device on.
Release the C button.
Wait for 20 seconds

I tried that, but it sadly doesn’t work.

That’s odd, that has to work.
Did you have the SD card inserted?
I will contact you via private messages, MAKERbuino shouldn’t break that easy

Still waiting for mine to arrive in the mailbox.,…