Hello from France


I’m Tom, assistant professor in Computer Science in a French university. I love video games, and I like playing with hardware. I look forward to receive my kit and build my first console.

In the meantime I coded some games:


Welcome. Nice to see a game developer on here.
I will definitely try out some of your games.

Hi @Tom,
thanks for backing our Kickstarter campaign and welcome to the forum!
I remember you from Kickstarter’s comment section, you were the guy that immediately started making games for the device.
I’ve just given you a couple of badges, you can use them as your title.

We still do lack tutorials that are going to show people how to create games, but we are working on it!
Despite that, you’ve managed to make a couple of fun games yourself, kudos!

Yes it was me. :slight_smile:

I still have to finish Bang Bang, but I’ve been busy lately. I have some other ideas in mind also.

I personally don’t need tutorials, the Gamebuino SDK is well documented with great examples. And I have sufficient experience with Arduino programming so that’s fine. But I think it is a good idea to write tutorials for beginners. Maybe I’ll write something if I find time for it.

Besides, any estimation on when the kits will be shipped? My soldering iron feels cold. :slight_smile:

And thanks for the badges. For reasons I cannot explain, I love this kind of stuff. :laughing:

take your time. When you’re finished with the Bang Bang, tell me and I might include it on every device’s SD card as one of the preloaded games.

Are you interested in helping us out with that programming tutorials (Free MAKERbuinos, free tools, free DIY kits, free chocolate --> FUN <— )?

My estimation is that we’ll send all the kits in next 10 days.
We’re working hard on scaling our production.
Our main problem are the Nokia LCD screens. They’re an EOL (end of life) component menaing that they’re getting hard to find and take a lot of time to produce (recycle to be more precise) BUT we will manage to make all of your Kickstarter kits despite that.

I’m really glad tha you like the badges, credit for that goes to @AllGray - the master of Discourse and forums in general.
We are creating custom badges, if you’ve got a cool idea for a badge, tell us and we’ll make a new badge!

Attached you can see the new PCBs and 2200 PCBs in the background

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I’ll try to find time to write a tutorial when I have free time. Maybe I will take one of my games as an example. I used a couple of tricks which can be useful for others.

I am unsure I can finish Bang Bang in the next 10 days. I’ll try to do my best. In the meantime Jezzball and Taquin are ready. :slight_smile: