Hello from Germany

Hi, I’m Olli from Hamburg, Germany. I’m just a little retro gaming nerd :-). Besides that I’m a web designer and have my own little gadget-bolg (www.miy.de).

Received allready my early bird Makerbuino and have allready soldered it together. Besides soldering the sd-card slot everything was pretty easy, even when I admit, that the last time I’ve had a soldering iron in my hand was about 25 years ago. Ok, Bob Ross would name many soldinging points on my makerbuino “happy little accidents” :-). But after second try with the sd-card slot the M-Buiono work pretty well. Great project.


That looks great.
If you feel bad about soldering blobs, just click THIS LINK, and you will feel better

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Just made a litte blog article about the makerbuino (in german). in my blog.

Oh man. That is going to be a challenge. While i did take German in school, and i can guess my way through that article, it does take a certain amount of brainpower what i may, or may not have :wink:

@Ollii, thanks for writing a super splendid blog post about the MAKERbuino, it looks really well and it seems that you’ve put real effort in it.
I’ve featured your blog post on our social media channels:
and awarded you with a couple of badges.
If you’re going to post this on your social media, make sure to tag us with @makerbuino.

I hope you’ll have a fun making cool projects with your MAKERbuino and I hope that this won’t be your last time soldering :wink:

We don’t have a programming guide yet but we’ll soon make one so stay tuned!