Hello from Karlovac, Croatia

Hello, everybody.
My name is Zvoc. I come from Karlovac, an epic little big town of Croatia where all friends from childhoods meet together at last.
I’m an informatics student studying electronic business. I love to code, make games, do microcontroller stuff. I also compose and arrange music, especially 8-bit in FamiTracker. I play the piano and sing in two choirs.
I’m a total nerd regarding the game culture, memes and such, but I don’t like wasting my lifetime on waiting for a new game to come out or a new techdemo to be made for my favorite microcontrollre so I’d like to make some of my own.
The first thing I’ve made with my newly bought MAKERbuino is a little sprite animation you can move around with the D-pad, press A+B to play/pause, press A or B to slowly switch between frames and that would be it for now.
I have ideas for new games such as a nice platformer and a tank game so I’m looking forward to see if there are any libraries for code optimization and such as well as write my own and share them here.
That’s all for now.


thank you for supporting MAKERbuino and welcome to the forum.