Hello from Las Vegas!

Hi everyone! I’m AwkAlt, I’m currently a college student majoring in Speech Language Pathology. I joined the forum since my mom got me a Makerbuino for my birthday! I’m still waiting for it to arrive but I am surely excited to have it and build it. Programming wise, I’m currently a beginner. I’ve always been interested in the programming since I always see my brother, who is a computer science major, he makes apps and programs for machines and I thought to myself I’d love to do that! I look forward to talking with everyone in the community and knowing more about the programming field. Thanks for taking your time to read this, it was nice meeting you!

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Hello @AwkAlt
We are glad to have you here. Is this going to be your first “major” build? If so… Good luck. It’s a fun process and you learn a ton doing it.

@AllGray yes this will be my very first “major” build other than the coding I did back in lego mindstorms NXT robotics :smile: I’m quite excited.