Hello from London! New Nibbler here

Hello everyone! Long-time CircuitMess follower, first time poster in the community.

I’ve had a Makerbuino buried in my projects box for a while now, but never got around to building it! I just got a Nibble yesterday, and built it this evening - nice and straightforward. I’ll Tweet some photos soon.

Looking forward to playing with it, and seeing what can be achieved - I’m particularly interested in potential mods, hooking additional things up to the ESP8266, and doing things with wifi (although I assume that will drain the battery).

Glad to be here! :slight_smile:

Tweet and photos -> https://twitter.com/andypiper/status/1334291819799187458

Hey, thanks for buying our stuff and for sharing it online, much appreciated :slight_smile:

I’d love ti hear more of your feedback, bring it on.


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For sure! Thanks for listening :slight_smile:

  • It might be worth knowing that Windows Edge / SmartScreen in Windows Defender is marking CircuitBlocks as potentially harmful (see screenshots). I’ve reported the 64-bit download as safe, but as the owner, you can also do the same.

  • when I use the “Get Board Info” option in the Classic Arduino IDE, the board identifies as a Ringo rather than a Nibble - I assume that’s because the base boards are similar.
BN: Ringo by CircuitMess
VID: 10c4
PID: ea60
SN: (null)
  • Absolutely trivial, but when I run arduino-cli board listall the Nibble and Ringo are labelled slightly inconsistently, might be nice to add the "by CircuitMess on the Nibble label:
Nibble                          cm:esp8266:nibble
Ringo by CircuitMess            cm:esp32:ringo
  • overall comment on CircuitMess on GitHub is that you might want to add topics (tags) to your repos, and check through a few of them, some of the game examples have images for the ByteBoi instead of the Nibble - I’m guessing it’s the same code for both though. I’m a bit of a GitHub nerd :slight_smile: so I like to be able to do things like searching on topics etc. Unfortunately I can’t help with adding topics as it isn’t possible to do that via Pull Requests.

I’m currently digging around inside Nibble, CircuitOS and Nibble Launcher to figure out how things fit together! I have mine connecting to WiFi, so I’m hoping to build something fun to share soon! Thanks again for listening to the feedback!