Hello from Malaysia

Hello from Malaysia, my name is Teoh, I’m an indie game developer and designer. I feel I’m lucky enough to back and receive the early bird kit. I looking forward to develop and test some 8bit game for it, it was cool that I still has the chance to touch 8bit game development.

Here is my MAKERBuino :smiley:


woah Teoh, your MAKERbuino looks awesome!
Congrats on the successful build and thanks for backing us on Kickstarter and joining the community forum!

I sure hope that this kit motivated you to build even more and that you’ll make many more projects with and without a MAKERbuino.
I’d really like to hear your feedback about the console and the guide, tell us how you liked the build process and help us maker MAKERbuino even better!

The next step is to code your own games for it and connect cool hardware expansion modules.
Our library of tutorials is still pretty limited but we’re working on that, so stay tuned!