Hello from Mexico

Hi everyone!

My name is Julio Sandria and I backed Makerbuino kickstarted campaign!

I am a robotics and computer programming teacher and I knew Albert in 2016, in Bragança, Portugal, where he (and Philip) won a first place with their rescue robot in the RoboCup Junior Rescue category.

I hope to receive my package with two Makerbuino to begin soldering and playing with my children and students.

¡Saludos desde México!

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Welcome around @JulioSandria
Enjoy your stay. There is mints on the pillow :wink:

Hey @JulioSandria, thanks for joining the forum and thanks for backing the project on Kickstarter.
We are working hard to deliver your kits and we’ll update you when we ship your kit (all kits will be shipped by 20th of June).
Yeah, Julio is making robots with his kids and he’s pretty cool. We’ve been sleeping in sleeping bags on a floor in the same school gym in Portugal for 4 days back in 2016 haha :joy: