Hello from New Zealand!

Hey Guys!

Just another Makerbuino fan joining the crew, cant wait to get mine so i can start getting some soldering and programming done! this is my first project like this so I’m really looking forward to whats to come. i think the makerbuino is a terrific idea for anyone starting or already in to DIY Electronics. Awesome stuff!!!



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Nice. Welcome @Spark17
You are, as far as i know, the person the longest away from us, that are on the forum.

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Oh nice! Haha hopefully I can keep that title :grin:

@Spark17, welcome to the forum and thanks for joining the forum.
Yeah, I’ll have to put some extra bubble wrap in your package :wink:
Thanks for backing our Kickstarter campaign!
Did you take part when the Lord of the Rings movies were filmed over there?

I hope you’ll enjoy your stay!

Haha no unfortunately but I wish I did! I live not far from hobbiton though which is cool! And thanks for the extra bubble wrap :wink: