Hello from Northern New Jersey

I am most likely the oldest person in MakerBuino Land. I am a female 58 year old retired high school principal. My husband is an Animation/ Graphics Design/ Video Game Design teacher. He wanted to integrate Arduino into his curriculum. He had never soldered before and I had, so I made the first Arduino. This was a fascinating experience.


Cool presentation. Welcome Noralee9. I hope that you and your husband will share your experience with good tutorials to make games (Game Design is a real good and complex job but many things can be usefull for us even most of the games arenโ€™t really complexe, some have made big games).
I donโ€™t know if you know and your husband have already program on Arduino but if he know how to program using c, the things to know to make games on Makerbuino / Gamebuino are really quick to learn. The more difficult is the thing that he does already know: have idea of a good game, prepare graphics, sound, but other all, adjust the gameplay to make a fun game :wink: