Hello from NSW, Australia!

Looking forward to receiving my Makerbuinos, I pledged for the double pack so a friend and myself can have fun putting them together and seeing what stuff we can make for them.


That is nice. Some co.op game development in sight?

@Dalemaunder, thanks for backing us on Kickstarter and joining our forum!
Multiplayer gaming sure is fun, and making game consoles with a friend is even more fun.
Our library of co-op games is still quite limited but we’re working on new multiplayer titles!

Despite the tracker saying my package is still in Slovenia, my Makerbunios arrived during the week and I was able to make mine on the weekend, time to start tinkering!

First up I’m thinking of wiring in some LEDs to incorporate into some pre-existing games, my friend and I are meeting up at the end on the month to put his together and make our first game.

I don’t have buy the second because i think you’ll make a color version soon and i wait it to try with a cable to link the two makebuino. But maybe i’m wrong…