Hello from Russia

Спасибо за отличную игру!
Комплект дошел очень быстро.

Во втором наборе MB отсутствует пакет с кнопками и некоторыми другими деталями.

@ABS, thank you for joining the community forum and for sharing this with us.
Please, use English written in latin alphabet as it is the default international language of this forum.

I’ve google translated your second post:

And I think it’s saying that there is something missing in your kits.

According to the pictures, you’re missing one of the bags with electronic components (the one that has a screen in it).
Did you report this to contact@makerbuino.com?
Also, it would be much easier for me to find this post/request if you’d written it in English and tagged me with @albertgajsak