Hello from United Kingdom

Hi Albert, hows the shipping coming along. Regards

Hello @Retrogadgets
Welcome around.

@Retrogadgets, hi and thanks for joining the forum.
Thank you for backing our Kickstarter campaign!
The reward shipping is going slightly delayed but we have it under control.
You can find more info in our last Kickstarter update over here:

Hi Albert

It’s your initial PCB project collaborator from UK.

Everything is coming along nicely. We’ll done.

David Roper

yeah, I know it’s you David :wink:
I am forever grateful for your initial help with the project and I will, of course, include a couple of extra surprises along with your package.
I hope you’re doing fine.
How are your ZX projects coming along?


Uuuuuuh ZX project. Sounds interesting.

Hi Albert

Which project, the zx81 based on the avr mcu or the 48k spectrum based on the cpld ?

The spectrum project is being overhauled when i have the time.