Hi there from Maryland, USA

I forgot to do an intro. I’m Daff, a roboticist.
I got Ringo because of my addiction to controllers and vintage technology. Ringo was going to be a project of mine. I didn’t do it. Also, Ringo didn’t include the dedicated i2c ports. Instead, I made another project of it out of Arduino.
I’ll be like making robots and writing software. If you feel like adapting my software with your Ringo - I’m your guy, man

Here’s a redundant photo of the robot I am building in real life

Here’s a recent photo of that robot in my robot laboratory

Here’s a photo of my Ringo


Neat watch, what is it?

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That, my friend, is the TinyDuino watch

TinyDuino watch is on sale

From my experience

  • The bt mod doesn’t fit, but who knows.

  • The battery and a small watch program/small program can last up to a day. It’s great for charging at night - so it’s ready to impress your coworkers and or waiter at breakfast or lunch. Or write something fancy at work for a date :joy:

  • It can be a bit loose after the firstish week or so. You might want to tighten the lid with tape :thinking: duct tape is rumored to be cyberpunk.

Neat stuff. Definitely fit for a cyberpunk dystopia (can’t wait)

I’ve made something similar back in high-school:

It was such a chick magnet, girls just love Arduino these days


I’m trying to escape this new wave of American communism. If I can find one person who even know what Arduino is - I’ll probably be spending more time outside of my shop and off my computer.

I did meet a kid walking through an elementary school who recognized my raspberry pi…once.

Hah, sounds like a fun story.

Huh… I thought America was always against communism :thinking: :thinking: :cold_sweat:

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I have no idea where it is coming from… but they watch a lot of Star Trek.
I had two full blown communist professors in college. The farther I get away from it, the more I find people who have no idea what a computer is… America is a big place.

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It seems there is some connection between Star Trek and Communism… quite interesting

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WOW. Almost finished reading…but it seems like the same conversation when everyone talks about it. Honestly, some of it makes a lot of sense. Value has changed…when everyone can do VR or write their own programs - the value of other’s diminishes. That’s why I try to… I practice using my own devices. The Solar tool was a neat example of what I can do without pursing robots for 6 months.