How bad is Bridging? [SOLVED]

How bad is bridging my mom got me thick solder and I’ve gotten bridging on the microcomputer and a few other components. Thanks

Bridging is incredibly bad and, depending on what you’ve bridged, could destroy the microprocessor. At the very least it’ll stop something major from working. You NEED to get rid of the bridges before using the Makerbuino.

I advise you to clean off your soldering iron and drag it between the bridged contacts while it’s hot, that should re-flow the solder and take a bunch of it with the iron, effectively removing the bridge.

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Okay good to know I am getting thinner solder tomorrow any other ways of getting rid of small bridges? Or has that worked the best thanks a lot!

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You could use a solder pump(sucker) or solder wick as well to remove the excess solder if you have either, using the clean iron though would still be the simplest way.

In theory, you could also physically break the bridge with a small file or something similar but I’d highly recommend against doing this as it’s harder to do and you could damage the board or components.


@Dalemaunder, thank you for replying to @njfreeman03, I completely agree with the advice you’ve given here.
@njfreeman03, keep practicing and don’t get frustrated with soldering! If you need anything else, feel free to ask.

I will mark this topic as [SOLVED]