How to install?

Hello i tried to install micropython on a bit and then it bricked then i got a new one.
How do i install it without bricking it on a bit?

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Hey @noa1,

thank you for reaching out.

To install MicroPython, please follow this link:

For the best experience with CircuitBlocks, we recommend using Google Chrome.

After installing MicroPython, please be aware that your Bit’s screen will be blank until you either code something or restore its firmware.

Let me know if you need any further assistance,

I also managed to brick bit+. I tried to install micropython. Frist time it went to 12% and stayed there for an hour. Second time it got to 2%. Now it just keeps connectiing and disconnecting??? Is there a way to unbrick it?

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Hey @Slemi,

are you using Google Chrome? If yes, please try removing CircuitBlocks Agent and try again.

Also, if you have another USB or PC you can try on them.

Let me know if you managed to install MicroPython,

It is not helping. I am quite sure it is hardware related, since the virtual COM port keeps dissapearing every 2-3 seconds. I am using ESP32 devices by my own circuits. Is there other way to try to reload original firmware to the board that I can try?

Here you can see USB icon dissapearing:

Hi Monika

I am not sure if you missed this message or you are on working on solution, just reply so that I know you know about the problem.


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Hey @Slemi,

thank you for your messages.

We’ll check what could be causing this problem and get back here with a solution.

Thank you for your patience,

Which IDE are you using for production so that I can try to build it from source?

Hey guys!

We’ve managed to identify an issue with flashing binaries onto Bit. An error during firmware upload can put the device into a state where it will constantly reset, sometimes continuously on its own and sometimes only when trying to flash a working firmware. This is manifested by the computer detecting and then losing the device, like @Slemi posted in his video.

We’re currently working on a solution to this problem and will notify you as soon as we come up with a fix, which should be within a few days.

Thanks for your patience, everyone.

@Slemi as for the IDE question, we’re using CLion for general firmware development in C/C++, and PyCharm for the Python parts. I’m afraid building the firmware from source won’t help with the issue in this thread, as it is related to the device itself rather than the firmware it’s running, but tinkering around with the source code is always encouraged :slight_smile:
You can find Bit’s stock firmware here, and our micropython fork here.


Hey everyone!

Just letting you know we pushed an update for CircuitBlocks that will let you de-brick your Bits. Next time you restore the stock firmware or install micropython, the fix will be applied and your Bit should be functional again.

Keep in mind that there is always a chance the firmware on the Bit will get corrupted again if a binary upload gets interrupted, but with this update you’ll be able to restore it back into a functional state if that happens.

Let us know if you keep having any more issues.


There is still no slution for restoring the Bit that constantly resets. How can we upload new firmware if we can’t connect to Bit because it constantly resets?

Hi @Slemi our team pushed an update that should have solved this for all users.

If you’re still having issues with your bit, please reach out to us via and our team will be with you shortly.

Hey Slemi,

We have removed the confirmation dialog from the firmware restore page accessed from the CircuitBlocks homepage using the “Restore Firmware” button in the top-right corner. Now after you select the port your Bit is connected to in Chrome, it will immediately start uploading the firmware which should prevent it from resetting further.

Let us know if this helps,

This solutioin worked for me!

Thank you!

Thank you for letting us know!