How to test the microprocessor ATMEGA


So I have completed the build. Half way through when I plugged in the battery the screen turned on and i could see some random writing on the screen. BUT now that I have finished all I get is backlight and nothing on the screen. I am trying to work out if I have damaged the microprocessor somehow. Can anyone advise how I can test the microprocessor as well as any other suggestions to get the screen working properly
Thank you

You can insert it on an Arduino UNO board and see it it boots.

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@romanfelds, what is the status of this? Any progress?
ATmegas are pretty robust and it’s highly unlikely that you’ve damaged it in the soldering process.

If you still want to be sure, you can test the ATmega by connecting the board via the USB-TTL adapter board to the computer and trying to upload a basic Arduino program with Arduino IDE. You will have to choose Arduino UNO as the board you’re using.
If you cannot upload anything, check whether the USB-TTL adapter is properly connected and you’re using the right COM port. If everything’s right and you cannot upload, the micro is either dead or blank.

Please send us some photos of your MAKERbuino’s front and back side so that we can check your soldering joints. Also, include a photo of the front side with the screen detached so that we can check the situation on the microccontroller’s socket’s pins.

Don’t give up!