Incorrect screen hookup [SOLVED]

Hi all,

Recently I found this website and I decided to give it a shot based upon the schematics and part I had laying around.
So far so good and I got screen and buttons working.

However… in my rush (it was late) I took a proto board and soldered everything without a double check.
And yup… I mounted the screen upside down.

Any hints or tips on how to rotate the entire screen 180 degrees in the software because I tried but I’m currently unable to find a working solution.

Thanks in advance.


Hmmm… As far as I know, you’d have to rewrite the Gamebuino library that you use in the Arduino IDE. And recompile every game that you want to have on your SD card. I just had a quick look at the PDF8544 chip that powers the LCD and there’s no provision to flip or mirror the display.
So I’m afraid you have to desolder the screen and flip it around :frowning:

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Was indeed more or less afraid of that.
Noticed around the web that the lot of the references were indeed only for the bitmap features but not the screen.

Thanks for the check and reply…I have something to do tonight :wink:

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Sorry… But it is worth it! But at least you’ve got the screen and buttons working already.

Succes met solderen vanavond :slight_smile:


@Ma_X, thank you for helping @Tredecim out.

I have nothing else to add and will mark the topic as [SOLVED].