Is there a way to boot into contrast settings?

EDIT: It is called Checkup wizard, so is there a way to boot to checkup wizard?
One of my devices have problems with screen contrast, sometimes it is to dark so I have to change contrast to minimal (30) but sometimes it needs to be darker and because it is on minimal setting I cannot see anything so I cannot navigate to settings to change contrast.
Is there a way to boot to settings? I think that first boot wthout sdcard goes to settings but now it just say it needs sdcard…

You could try to do the following:
There is a so called “C-button trick” where you shut down the MAKERbuino, press and hold the C-button and turn the MAKERbuino back on. Hold the C-button after switching it on for another 2-3 seconds and then release it. The MAKERbuino will then flash the LOADER.HEX from the SD Card which takes about 30 seconds.

You could rename the SETTINGS.HEX to LOADER.HEX (backup your LOADER.HEX !!!). If it works the MAKERbuino should show the Settings. But you need to rename both in order to be able to leave the Settings menu.

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@cile1977, I am sorry for the late reply, there are too many things happening lately and we do not have enough time to answer to every community forum post.
If the unit is having problems with contrast levels, you are most likely dealing with a defective (or nearly defective screen), which did sometimes happen on older versions of the console.

Please post some photos of your device’s front and back without the casing and the screen contrast problem you’re experiencing and we’ll send you a replacement screen if needed.

Hi there! I had to solve this screen issue too and found out that my screen was working well when i pushed one of its edges down towards the makerbuino pcb. Unfortunately, this type of screens sometimes have this problems and it was only possible to solve this by replacing the screen.