Issue with Jay-D Cutting Out

Built the Jay-D with my son (he did most of the soldering). Tested it along the way and it was fine. When we got the whole thing together we are having what I can only describe as intermittent cut-outs in the sound - basically the tracks play, then they “skip” or really “drop out” (there’s a video below where you can hear it). We have tried to isolate the issue to one of the potentiometers or something but it seems fine, they all test without issue.

It doesn’t appear to be a power issue as the display and LEDs continue to work. We tried several different power supplies just to check (all 2A). Tried using headphones in case it was a speaker issue - the same issue was evident. I suspect I need to pull it apart to check all the soldering but before I do that I would see if anyone had any other ideas.

Video showing the issue

OP here, I just opened it up and resoldered everything and still get the same issue. It’s not related to the SD card - the issue happens on the start up music and it doesn’t matter when the SD card is inserted or not

hey there, check this thread. apparently it’s an issue with the speaker impedance / amp chip. putting the speakers in series seems to solve the issue (i did it yesterday and it works better, but it seems to affect the overall output of the speakers)

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Thanks @maer_sf

That fixed it. I did see that thread but ruled it out as it also happened when using headphones. I unplugged one speaker and now it works perfectly (I will wire them in series later on, my son is just excited he can make it work and is playing with it now)


Hey there @literalbest I’m glad to hear your Jay-D works fine now! :slight_smile:

Dora from the CM

Hi, I was a participant in the thread suggesting wiring the speakers in series. I have listened to your video, and that sounds exactly the issue I had. With a few reports of people having the same issue, it would be interesting to hear from CM, confirming this as an issue (although I understand they are and have been incredibly busy!)