Kickstaterbacker look here!

If you are a Kickstarter backer and you want the awesome backer badge please comment below and I’ll add it to your profile

After this you can change your title by going to:
Preferences -> Account -> Title


is it shiny?:grinning:


look for yourself :wink:

I’m a kickstarter backer! :slight_smile:

And now you can show the world :wink:

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How about an Early-Bird-Badge :slight_smile:

I’m a kickstarter backer too… :slight_smile:

And now you have the badge.

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I’m a kickstarter backer and I can’t wait to recive my package :slight_smile:

Kickstarter badge to you.

Here I am for my badge

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Done deal. You got it.

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I’m a backer! Haha :laughing::laughing::laughing:

woohoo yes please :slight_smile:

No problemo. Added just now.
Your time to go show off

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Remember. With great badges come great responsibilities. :smiley:

Comment. :wink: I’m a backer.

Kickstarter here too!

Kickstarter backer here!

I’d like the badge, please.