Kickstaterbacker look here!

@CullenDM @Tina_Gamer and @Dominator008
You all now have the badge. Use it with pride.

Other Kickstarter here!

And one to you @cosimo.
Welcome around

Hooray! I’m a kickstarter backer! Bring on the shiny new badge, please!

Hooray indeed.
You have the badge. Now it’s time to show off

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Thank you! I’m really honored

Thank you! This is super! :smile:

Oooooo fancy! Backer here :smiley:

Wohoo. Now you can show it off…

In other news. I need a system to automate this :sweat:

I bring the hot glue, you bring the badge :slight_smile:

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With an offer like that, i also gave you the title, so you don’t have to :wink:

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Please do!
I am still waiting for my unit, cant wait!

Done done and done.
I hope you enjoy it. (Both the badge, and the unit. :wink: )

Yes please.

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Can I have the backer badge, please?

@Peter and @JulzTDG
You got it.
Welcome on here.

Hey, what’s up? :slight_smile:

Wohoo. You got it…
I sware.

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Yay! Thanks! :smile:

Can’t wait to receive my makerbuinos! :heart_eyes:

Hi! I’m a backer too! :grin: