Kickstaterbacker look here!

And we thank you for that.
Go show off your new badge

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Backer here!


Hi I’m a Kickstarter backer.

Badges for @Dalemaunder and @Yowie added

We don’t need no stinking badges! JK

I am a Kickstarter backer, too

I’m a backer too, internet cool points please k thx :wink:

Hi, kickstarter backer here

You got one anyway.
Deal with it :sunglasses:

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And a badgeowner.
I hope you enjoy

The coolest of the cool. Enjoy

And now you can show off. Enjoy

Hi! I’m a backer too! :slight_smile:

And now you can show it off…

Backer here! :smiley:

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Im a Kickstarter backer😄

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How about a new badge for those of us who successfully assembled the MAKERbuino? :wink:

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Im a backer! And I can’t wait until I get my makerbuino!!

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Jooo Kickstarterbacker right here :grin:

Please add the kickstarter badge to my profile. Thanks!

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