LCD 9th Horizontal Line is Dead [SOLVED]


Yesterday while playing Sokoban the LCD 9th line suddenly turned off.

Now it looks like this:

Please notice that it was working perfectly since I build the console:

Any idea where the problem could be?


It could be a contact problem inside of the screen. When did you ordered/received your MAKERbuino?

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I received it last July 17th, but I was not able to assemble it since last weekend.


Okay then it could be a contact problem. The screens changed early September (if i remember correctly). The earlier version (your screen) has a different contact approach. You can see the difference clearly in @albertgajsak’s post from the 6th of september 2017.

Check out the pictures and you’ll see that your screen uses some kind of rubber bar connector. You can try to clean the contacts on both, the PCB and the screen itself, but be careful :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your recommendation! I’m going to check it out and keep this thread updated.

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@alex.martin, you do not have to check the contacts inside the screen as this is not a contact problem and cannot be fixed. You are dealing with a defective screen and we will send you a replacement, please PM me your address and some proof of order.

Contact problem are usually manifested in contrast problem or the screen being completely blank (a.k.a. the microcontroller is having trouble accessing the screen’s memory or the screen’s power supply contact is bad).
If there are dead pixels on the screen, that cannot be fixed and the screen has to be replaced.

I will mark this topic as [SOLVED]