LCD backlight won´t work

Hi there, today I built my MAKERbuino, oh boy, what a trip! I loved the experience as this is the first time I did such a thing with soldering and that many components. I only messed with breadboards before this.

Everything works fine except for my screen: don’t have backlight. I already triple checked for bad soldering points but got nothing wrong. I have a multimeter but Im such a noob that I dont know how to use it with this PCB.

Can you guys please give me a hand, with some method for checking the screen ? How do I use the multimeter: black cable goes to ground…but where on the PCB is ground for that?

Another thing is that I have everything soldered so I can’t remove the screen board…can I detach the screen from it’s breakboard without actually breaking it? I tried to move it out but it doesnt go off easly so Im afraid to break something as games and sound works fine.

One note: I accidentally messed the microcontroller socket so I had to solder it directly.



Hey @Igor, thank you for suppoorting MKAERbuino and welcome to the forum!

I am sorry that you’re having problems with your build.

I’ve peeked at your photo and all soldering joints look ok.

We test every screen before sending them to the customer so there shouldn’t be any defect with the backlight on the screen’s side.

Sometimes the problem is with the light dimming potentiometer itself as it can be melted with soldering iron if heated for a long time.

I suggest we send you a couple of new potentiometers so that you can replace them and see if that works.

Please, provide us with your address (you can send me a private message) and we’ll dispatch immediately

Hey thanks for the quick answer and for sending more potentiometers, thats awesome.
Thinking about it, I may have took a couple tries to solder it, I still havent figured the way to make the solder flow easy. I will get the unsoldering pump and Wik next week to be able to fix this.
Thanks man,

Hey Igor,

Thanks for sending the address, we’ll dispatch ASAP. Keep us posted!