LCD header change on September shipment [SOLVED]

Hi All,

I was one of the KS backers, and one person from my workplace has purchased a pair from the web site.
This new shipment has a different header soldered into the LCD, and the same header (to solder into the main PCB) is missing.

Can I presume that this is a change in the manufacturing process, and that with this change the only way to remove the LCD is to unsolder this new header from either the main PCB or the LCD PCB?


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I just had a look through the guide, and the information is there.

Things to note:-1:Check soldering on IC socket before fitting LCD.
2:Mechanically fit LCD before soldering.

All is well.


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Hey @Eddie, thank you for supporting us on Kickstarter :slight_smile:
Sorry for the late reply, there are too many things going on lately and we really do not have enough time to read every community forum post.
I think that you’ve answered your own question already, that’s why I’ve marked the topic as [SOLVED].

The screen was changed due to a lot of people having trouble with the stack-on header system. Also, the new screens are a bit different internally and have better contrast and less ghosting.

Thank you for pointing those two things out, they are already emphasized in build guide’s chapter 3: