Low Battery 3461mV please turn off! [SOLVED]

I have a problem with my makerbuino. I just assembled the first one. After a few minutes I got the message “low battery 3461 mV Please turn off”. I first tried to load the battery. After only a few minutes, the battery was charged.
I tested the voltage on the breakout pins :
Vbat = 4,14 V
Vcc = 3,3 V

But I still get the same message and it blocks my majerduino. Any idea how to solve this issue?


@Lexpi, you have to finish the “Checkup wizard” in the settings program (load it by finding the tiny cog and wrench icon). The wizard is going to set some important initial settings in your MAKERbuino’s EEPROM and will remove the battery measuring functionality as it is not supported by MAKERbuino’s hardware.

Update us here if the problem persists after this fix.