Makerbuino assmebled and tested, but do not work

I have assemblle my Makebuino. I does not work, but tests show working condition.

First of all, power is connected. There are 4,2 V on battery pins.

The screen is powered too, there 4,2 V between GND and VCC pins of the screen. Screen backlight is working and could be pretty bright, but no any picture on it.

Power regulator shows 3,2 V as it should do.

ATmega is well powered. There are 3,2 V between 1,8; 7,8; 22,21; 22,20 pins. There are only one picture, but trust me, all pins are powered as it should.

So, it should be working, but does not work. Could the ATmega chip be damaged? There are no any visible marks and I used anti-statik wirstband during work.

Hi, I had the same problem. I got a blank microcontroller, check if the Arduino IDE recognize your Makerbuino (select Arduino Uno, choose the right serial port and try to upload a sketch).
If the Arduino IDE doesn’t regocnise the Makerbuino and everything soldered correctly, then you probably got also a blank MCU and you should write an email to support. (Or you try this: ATmega328 without firmware [SOLVED])

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We have these symptoms with our second Makerbuino kit:

LED on
Nothing on display
Sounds is ok (if the sound switch and volume knob are in correct position)

Since the sound worked, this confirmed our chip is ok.
We swapped screens with our other Makerbuino and it worked.

So now we are just awaiting a replacement screen and then we can try the head-to-head games!

Best of luck debugging your Makerbuino.

@mihail.kiselev, your soldering work looks perfect.
This smells like our fault - a blank micro. Are you able to test the micro with @joteffeff’s tip?

@joteffeff, thank you for replying here and I apologize for the blank micro. I’ve explained the root of this problem here:

Not yet. I’m short on time now. S I’ll try to flash chip by the Arduino board. Thank for your help. I’ll try and respond at this topic.