Makerbuino console screen blank

Hi, I try to build a makerbuino game console with my kids. We followed
At step #12 we got some text on the screen (about setting contrast of the screen), then we disconnected the battery and proceed. At the final assembly the screen remains blank however. The screen backlight works. The battery gives app. 4.5V., so it seems ok. I have tried every check written at step #12, an it looks good. The text sais to contact support if that does not help. So here I am. :slight_smile: Any advice for troubleshooting?


I have bought a heated tin sucker and desoldered the screen. Reflowed the tin at all legs of the MCU.

Checked/reflowed all the soldering of the circuit elements up to step 12. I mounted and soldered the screen back

Same blank screen! :frowning:

While I was builidng, i have charged the battery with the LiPo charging port of an Adafruit nrf52840 Express feather. The battery connections now show 4,2V. Is that normal?
The I2C ports VCC-GND voltages are 3.29Vs, so I guess at least the 3.3V regulator works normally…

Hey, thank you for supporting our work and I am sorry for the problems that you’re having.

Just to check one thing - did you try doing the C-button hard reset like this:

  1. insert the SD card

  2. turn the console OFF

  3. hold the C button

  4. turn the console ON

  5. release the C button

  6. wait for 30 seconds

The SD card loader menu should appear.

Which is “C” button?

Found it. Done the procedure above, it might have actually helped!

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Awesome! If any new problems arise, feel free to reach out :slight_smile:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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