Makerbuino doesn't work

Hello. I have got a problem similar like the problem of some topics i have read. My screen lights up but thats it :frowning: no brightness settings no whatever just light. I alteady checked my solders, and other topics to look if my components are installed correctly and i think everything seems to be correct. Can someone help me please?

Hi, I had the same problem. I got a blank microcontroller, check if the Arduino IDE recognize your Makerbuino (select Arduino Uno, choose the right serial port and try to upload a sketch).
If the Arduino IDE doesn’t regocnise the Makerbuino and everything soldered correctly, then you probably got also a blank MCU and you should write an email to support. (Or you try this: ATmega328 without firmware [SOLVED])

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@joteffeff, you’ve given a great piece of advice to @Cedric. You’ve just earned a badge :slight_smile:

@Cedric, did you try @joteffeff’s tip? Also, please send us a photo of your MAKERbuino’s front side with the screen removed so that I can see the soldering joints on the microcontroller’s socket