MAKERbuino firmware reflashing [SOLVED]

Hello, I got my MAKERbuino in fine working order a few months back. It was able to play games and the whole nine yards. One of my friends was messing around with it and ended up either turning it off or trying to exit during a game loading sequence. Since then, the MAKERbuino has been unusable: if you turn it on, only the backlight comes on.

I’m assuming that this means I need to reflash the firmware? Can someone point me in the proper direction, be it another post, or the reflashing instructions themselves?


Dear @mohissa,
thank you for supporting MAKERbuino :slight_smile:.

There is no need for reflashing your console’s firmware, you simply need to do a hard reset as described in build guide’s chapter #4 (check the below photo).

Keep us posted!

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Just tried it and we are back in working order. Thank you very much!

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I’m glad that you’ve managed to solve this! :slight_smile:

By the way, did you show us your MAKERbuino yet? We’d love to see it!