MakerBuino Not working Fully assembled

my daughter assembled Makerbuino. At first it didn’t work. Then she resoldered some parts and it started to work.

Now sometimes its starts to work and sometimes it doesn’t. When it starts we can start a game, play for a bit, but then screen turns blank (light on the screen is working all the time). We cannot turn it on even by trying to reset many times.
We don’t hear sound upon startup.

Please help.


would you possibly be able to post a picture of the back? I need to see your soldering job


have you tried reflashing the SD card


There are still some solder joints that need to be reworked. Just a tiny mistake can cause everything to fail from time to time.

Please remove any residual solder you find on the board and fix these joints that don’t look like in the picture.

Also - try hard reset ->

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