Makerbuino Step 12 fails, no screen


I built the Makerbuino till step 12 but the screen doesn’t work. I checked all the parts and the solder joints and even measured the Voltage on the screen Pins. I get the 3,3V on Pin 1 but nothing happens.
What should I do?


I could solve the problem. The display has some little conntact pins which are pressed on the pcb. I had to desolder the whole screen press it down and tighten the pins on the edges with some pliers to press the screen to the pcb. I also soldered those security pins to the board after tightening them. Now the displays works. Hope this can help you guys and gals if you have a similiar problem. :slight_smile:


Great job @KeenVox!

Keep in touch if you have any additional problems. :slight_smile: