Makerphone hangs when sending SMS

Hi, I have a hung phone while sending an SMS. The screen says “Sending text…” and it just stays like that. None of the buttons are responsive, so unable to turn it off. Tried holding the power button for a long time to no avail. Is there a way to reset it?

I’m using a 4G SIM and have had no previous issues sending a few SMS on the phone.


It could be that something in the network module caused the phone to brick.
Not to worry, a simple restart should fix it.

You have to tiny buttons on the right side of the phone, right on the main board. Next to them it says “ON” and “RESET”.

Try one of those buttons - they are directly connected to the power source of the phone and should reset it regardless of the software.


Thanks Robert, the “RESET” button did the trick!

Forgot about those tiny buttons after putting the phone together, LOL.

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