Makerphone/Ringo Wifi Password too Short

Hi, My wifi router is a ZyXEL which has a 20-character password. The text widget in the Makerphone Ringo Wifi setup wizard can only input 18 characters. Therefore I cannot connect my Makerphone Ringo to my home wifi router.

Hey Stewart,

First, thank you for supporting our project!

Yes, we are aware of this little problem. However, as of now there is really no point of connecting your phone to the WiFi since the only thing you can do is download the new firmware update. We are planning to expand that and to add more and more possibilities to the Ringo regarding network connectivity.

The password length will be fixed in the next update which you will download over our computer IDE of over Arduino IDE and upload to the phone using cable. More on that when the time comes. After that, you will be able to download every new update directly over your phone.

Stay in touch and enjoy the phone!